The Smart Choice For Mental Health Providers

Helping your patients is what you're all about. When you don't have to worry about the "business" side of your practice, you'll have time to handle more patients. That's where we come in. We're Benefits Processing Services (BPS) and we are a mental health billing company. We help you to maximize revenues by efficiently managing all aspects of the billing process and communications with insurance agencies. Here's just a glimpse of what BPS has to offer you.

  • Mental Health Billing
  • Higher collection rates and increased revenues
  • Error-free claims filing for fast reimbursements
  • Have more time to handle additional patients
  • No dealing with the insurance companies - we do it for you
  • Practice management for independent practitioners to large groups
who we are

We're a full-service mental health billing specialist dedicated to helping mental health providers realize higher revenues and faster payments from insurance companies. Our goal is twofold: to increase your revenue and to give you more time to manage and grow your practice.

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what we do

BPS does all the work for you by handling every aspect of your firm's billings. From the moment we earn your business, we'll oversee any outstanding reimbursement claims, double-check that they're coded properly and then follow up with insurance providers regularly, until you get paid.

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how we help

By taking the burden of the billing process away from you, you're able to save time so you can take on new patients. Plus, because BPS will increase the collection rate on your claims, your practice will realize improved revenue, too.

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