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Billing Software Solutions for Behavioral Health Professionals

Whether you’re a busy behavioral health professional running a well-established practice, a member of a large healthcare organization, or you’re launching your own private enterprise, you need sound billing and claims management practices to sustain and grow your business. Without the right behavioral health billing software, you may find yourself with less time to focus on patient needs and more time spent dealing with insurance claims, billing disputes, and revenue cycle management. You didn’t get into the behavioral health field to worry about cost accounting, yet it’s essential to the success of your practice — so what should you do?

Benefits Processing Services(BPS), is a behavioral health billing company with over 20 years of industry experience working with individuals, groups, and non-profits organizations. Our HIPAA- and ICD-10-compliant web-based interface provides a secure and easy platform that simplifies the complex process of submitting insurance claims, managing disputes and smoothing the flow of revenue to your business.

With therapist billing software from BPS, you can organize, manage, and submit insurance claims - all while maximizing revenue collections. Most importantly, when you use therapy billing software from BPS, you can spend more time focusing on the needs of your patients and less time worrying about mental health billing problems.

What We Do

Billing insurers for patient claims sounds like a simple task, yet navigating arcane insurance regulations and codes can be complex and difficult. A properly submitted form must include the right codes, classifications and terminology, or you won’t receive payment. BPS can manage this essential back office function for your practice. We’ll analyze and resubmit rejected claims, so you can get paid faster.

Don’t accept partial payments, or give up chasing insurers for unpaid claims — use BPS billing software designed specifically for mental health providers and receive the full payment you deserve instead. Behavioral health billing software from BPS can also:

  • Verify patient benefits
  • Submit clean claims the first time
  • Vastly reduce the number of rejected and partially paid claims of your practice
  • Pursue insurers for accepted, but unreimbursed, claims
  • Give you more control over your receivables, 24 hours a day, with less stress and time from you

BPS Lets You Keep Your Focus on Your Patients — Not Your Back Office

Don’t you want efficient revenue management for your practice, and less aggravation and more free time for you? With 25 years of mental health billing experience, only BPS can give your practice the expertise it needs to manage your finances effectively.

To learn more about the services we offer at BPS, click here to schedule a free demonstration, or call us at (833) 277-2455