Medical Billing for Allergy and Immunology

If you have had to do allergy or immunology billing before, you know how muddled it can get. Not all insurance companies see all allergy tests and medications the same way, and the way they process them are often different from Medicare’s billing system as well.

It puts those in charge of allergy and immunology billing management in a tough situation. If you take the time to make sure every claim is submitted correctly for every insurer, it can leave you little time for anything else. If you don’t, you can see a cascade of fines, delayed payments or rejected claims.

What is the solution? You can hire a dedicated allergy billing management team, but this is usually cost-prohibitive. You can give your current team additional training, but they are probably already overworked, and this will take time away from important issues like dealing with patient concerns and scheduling.

Trust BPS for Reliable Outsourcing of Immunology Billing

We think you will find the best solution is outsourcing your allergy billing with BPS. Our allergy billing software makes managing patient claims easy. We will prompt you as to what information to provide, and we will make sure clean claim submissions go to insurers the first time. Our experts will sort out which insurers need which information and make sure they get it — while you and your team concentrate on patient care.

Our allergy and immunology billing software is HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant and can manage any of your allergy claims. Once you install your allergy billing software, you can easily input patient data and verify benefits at any time. Then, as soon as we get your claim information, we’ll go to work making sure everything complies and giving you the best opportunity to get full payment fast on all your claims.

Using BPS for your allergy billing can dramatically reduce rejected claims and partial payments. You will also have an advocate who will pursue insurance companies that are delaying payment for claims that have already been approved.

The result can be considerably less stress on you and your team. You can concentrate on providing the best possible services while we make sure you get paid for it. You can also see significantly more return on claims annually, meaning you will have more access to funds, and your business can thrive, allowing you to offer more and better patient care.

Contact BPS for Better Allergy and Immunology Billing Management

Stop losing money on partial payments and rejected claims and let go of the stress of trying to figure out the intricacies of allergy and immunology billing. Let BPS take care of everything. We can show you how with our free, no obligation demo. To check out the demo or to get more information about our services, call us now at 833-277-2455 ext. 700 or get in touch with us online.

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“BPS Billing LLC has greatly helped my counseling practice by reducing the time I spend on billing, which gives me more time to work with my clients. Their new portal is user-friendly, and their staff is always courteous and available to answer any of my questions. It only takes a few minutes to enter a new client and even less time to enter a visit. All of my clients are listed online with all of their contact information, their diagnosis, session dates, and their EOBS. Their portal is HIPPA compliant, which protects my clients and their confidentiality. I highly recommend BPS Billing LLC to any counselor in private practice that needs assistance with their billing”

Written by: Gina Pennington, LCPC, Annapolis, MD

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