Medical Billing for Behavioral Health

When you launched your practice, you wanted to spend your time caring for patients — not worrying about behavioral health cost accounting. But as your practice grows, you may find yourself spending more time managing behavioral health medical billing paperwork and problems, and less time doing the things you love. However, issuing bills, verifying insurance and making claims are all essential to the success of your practice, so what choice do you have?

While you might not have a choice, you can find a solution. BPS Billing, LLC is a third party behavioral health billing support provider that will let you focus on doing what you do best: caring for patients. When you choose BPS behavioral therapy billing service, we’ll manage your patients’ insurance claims and billing — whether your practice is part of a group, a nonprofit or you work independently.
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The Behavioral Health Billing Services Your Practice Needs

Behavioral health billing isn’t rocket science, but navigating insurance systems and rules can be extremely time-consuming for time-starved practitioners. Just completing one patient bill properly means demonstrating a thorough understanding of levels and types of diagnostic treatment codes, Current Procedural Terminology database updates, Related Health Problem systems, and the International Classification of Diseases.

Making a mistake on behavioral health billing documentation can also result in insurance claim denials and delayed payments. Running an effective practice means keeping back-office functions working correctly and efficiently — and BPS, your trusted behavioral health billing services provider, will take care of both.

We will manage patient insurance billing to assure the highest possible first acceptance rate

We will manage patient insurance billing to assure the highest possible first acceptance rate, and we’ll take the time to carefully analyze rejected claims, and resubmit if necessary. Even with the speed of technology, an electronic behavioral health billing claim can take several weeks to resolve — and even longer if it’s not completed and submitted correctly. Don’t choose to accept incomplete insurance reimbursement just to get a claim off your books. Receive the reimbursement you deserve with BPS.
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Make Behavioral Health Billing Easier

When your practice needs help getting patients to pay in a timely fashion, submitting properly completed claims for fast insurance reimbursement, and analyzing and disputing rejected insurance claims, you need BPS.

With electronic billing management from BPS, you’ll even have access to your receivables on a 24/7 basis.

BPS will manage your practice’s billing so you can verify benefits, submit clean claims, and work denials with less time and effort from you. BPS will also perform other important budget management activities, such as following up with insurers if your practice has not been reimbursed for accepted claims. With electronic billing management from BPS, you’ll even have access to your receivables on a 24/7 basis.

BPS for All Types of Behavioral Health Practices, Large or Small

We are more than happy to work with practices of all sizes in order to get you paid by insurance companies fast, whether you are a practice of one or a large group practice. We understand that if you are a single practitioner, every claim counts — and you need to get paid as quickly as possible to function effectively. We also realize you may have limited staff to handle scheduling, billing and general office services for your practice. BPS is happy to take some of that burden off of your staff. We know they have better things to do.

If you have a large group practice, it can be easy to lose track of individual claims if you do not stay on top of your billing, which can be difficult even if you have a good staff, as they are almost certainly overworked. When you hand your billing over to BPS to manage, you’ll never have to worry about that. You didn’t get into the healthcare field to deal with insurance companies, and there’s no reason you should have to. We’ll keep track of everything, we will deal with the insurance companies and we will manage the claims. You can concentrate on what you’re best at — caring for patients.

We Put Your Focus Where You Want It: Your Patients

When you turn to BPS to manage your billing, you’ll benefit from:

  • Reduced stress
  • More time
  • Enhanced peace of mind

With 25 years of industry experience, no other firm is better positioned to help you put your focus where it belongs: your patients. We are extremely confident in our ability to get your patients’ claims get paid fast and we don’t get paid until you get paid, so there’s no way you can lose. Remember, we are adept at working with practices of any size, so don’t imagine you are too small or too big to work with us. Get in touch and we will show you how our benefits processing solution can work with the needs and setup of your specific practice. To learn more about the services we offer at BPS, click here to schedule a free demonstration, or call us at (833) 277-2455 ext 700.
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Customer Feedback

“I have been using BPS Billing LLC to manage my practice’s Insurance Claims Processing since 2003. In that time they have provided a professional level of service and have always gone out of their way to answer questions, intercede with insurance companies, and give me quick, efficient and friendly service. Throughout the years their knowledge and expertise in the areas of Insurance Processing have helped me adapt to the complex changes that affect my business. It has been extremely valuable to have a group like them in navigating changing business requirements”

Dr. Deena J Robbins, Middletown, CT

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