Medical Billing for Cardiologist

Heart health is one of the most important health issues facing individuals in society today, with heart disease being an overwhelming and often silent cause of death in adults. It is critical that patients receive regular cardiology examinations and care, but many may not because of financial concerns. Patients are often especially inclined to ignore cardiovascular health issues related to cardiology. When patients do come in for an appointment, however, they often believe their insurance provider will cover the costs of whatever examinations and procedures will be required.

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Unfortunately, the insurance market can be convoluted and involve complex processes that can make it difficult to process claims and get the right reimbursements to doctors quickly. Trying to sort out all the rules can be extremely frustrating to cardiologists, whose area of expertise is cardiology — not cardiologist health billing.

As a cardiovascular health professional, you want to spend your time, energy and focus on working with patients to create a lifestyle change that will result in cardiovascular health. Through fitness and dedicated time, you want to help your patients to avoid cardiovascular disease. Physicians should only have to dedicate their time to their field of expertise and not be held down by the billing and paperwork.

When it comes to cardiology practices and the focus of a professional cardiologist, billing can become even more complicated as time goes on. As a doctor, having little recourse when it comes to billing in contrast to matters related to cardiological health. This is why you need the reliable cardiologist health billing software that BPS Billing, LLC can provide.

Cardiologist billing software.

We take all the stress out of your cardiologist practice billing procedures by using software that allows your billing to be handled automatically and electronically through the system. Using our cardiologist billing software allows you to focus on doing your actual job of caring for the heart health of patients, rather than stressing out about billing and reimbursements.

How BPS Billing Works for Cardiologist Health Claims

When you hire BPS Billing, LLC for your cardiologist health billing, we provide you with a software program that makes the process simple to manage. You or your office staff can easily enter all patient and insurance information as well as visit summary details. You can also log on to review an explanation of benefits, check patient invoices and review and manage your revenue cycle. We handle the rest — we’ll process the claims and deal with any denials of service.

The BPS Billing Advantage for Cardiologist Health Claims

Using BPS for your cardiologist health billing can maximize your success when it comes to getting claims paid and dramatically reduce the strain on administrative resources. Our software and process works equally well for individual practices, non-profits and other groups. BPS Billing can easily pay for itself in the hours saved, the number of rejected claims that get reversed and the number of situations where you get full payment instead of accepting partial payment to avoid further hassles when trying to get paid.

We have helped countless healthcare offices streamline and improve their behavioral health billing, and we would love to show you what we can do for you. Please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration of how our billing procedure can help your business, or call 833-277-2455 ext 700 to learn more.

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“I have been using BPS Billing LLC to manage my practice’s Insurance Claims Processing since 2003. In that time they have provided a professional level of service and have always gone out of their way to answer questions, intercede with insurance companies, and give me quick, efficient and friendly service. Throughout the years their knowledge and expertise in the areas of Insurance Processing have helped me adapt to the complex changes that affect my business. It has been extremely valuable to have a group like them in navigating changing business requirements”

Written by: Dr. Deena J Robbins, Middletown, CT

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