As carriers move to electronic funds transfer (EFT) for payment, many of them are eliminating mailing EOBs to providers. Instead carriers, in a cost savings move, are forcing providers to retrieve EOBs from the carrier’s website. This creates a significant challenge to providers as there are numerous carriers, each with their own unique website navigation used to retrieve EOBs. Ultimately, EFTs are arriving daily into providers bank accounts and they are not able to reconcile outstanding claims vs. paid claims without downloading each EOB from the various carriers.

BPS offers a unique solution. Providers are now able to view and/or print EOBs for carriers that provide Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) directly from the BPS portal. This unique time saving feature saves countless hours spent downloading individual EOBs from each carrier. This also eliminates the need for our customers to fax or mail EOBs to BPS, from carriers who provide ERAs.

(example: Clients can sort EOBs from the BPS portal by: Insurance Carrier, Year, Month, Payment Amount, and Facility Name.)

Image of BPS EOB's portal page

Individual EOBs can be viewed and/or printed as show below directly from the BPS portal.

Individual EOB page

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