Q. Do you specialize in behavioral health billing?
A. BPS focuses exclusively on Behavioral Health providers. There is often a difference between medical and behavioral health insurance benefits along with how the claims are processed. It is important to know the differences when communicating with the insurance carriers.

Q. What separates BPS from other billing service companies?
A. We have been serving the Behavioral Health community since our inception in 1993 with an experienced staff in the billing industry. Many of our staff members have worked for insurance companies and private practices. This gives BPS inside knowledge of who to contact and how to get real results. Our industry knowledge along with our technology expertise provides a complete and efficient process for your practice.

Q. How does it work?
A. It’s effortless. Utilizing our secured web based portal, providers can setup new patients and manage/update existing patient information. Providers enter patient session information for each visit for claims processing. Processed claim funds are sent directly to the providers. Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are retrieved by BPS via Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) which are available to providers via BPS’ secure web based portal for review.

Q. How long does it take for me to get paid by insurance companies?
A. Payment will vary depending on insurance carriers and accuracy of the information received:

  • Medicare and Medicaid pays roughly 2 weeks after claims are submitted
  • Most commercial companies pay in approximately 3 weeks after claims are submitted

Q. Will I have a dedicated account representative?
A. Absolutely. Our customized and personalized service provides each practice with an account manager that knows and understands your specific situation. As a new customer you just follow our on boarding process that will have you up and running in no time. All new practices are assigned an account manager to oversee and answer questions you may have during your enrollment with BPS.

Q. Once I decide to try BPS, how long does it take to get set up?
A. When you choose to work with BPS, you can expect to be set up into our systems with in 24-48 hours. Claims processing can begin the day you sign up so there is no interruption of service for your practice.

Q. Are you able to check benefits before a new patient’s first session?
A. Yes, our system allows and encourages providers to input new patient information before the visit so benefits can be checked and verified. This step is critical in keeping the providers accounting clean and it provides a much better patient experience.

Q. I’m located on the West Coast; can you still do my billing?
A. BPS’ web based system allows providers to be anywhere there is internet access. BPS has customers throughout the country and is able to provide exceptional service to all locations.

Q. What is the basic patient information required in order for a claim to be submitted?
A. Information that is needed to initiate a claim includes:

  1. Patient’s full name
  2. Patient’s date of birth
  3. Patient’s address
  4. Patient’s Insurance and ID number
  5. Policyholder’s name and date of birth if it is different than the patient
  6. Patient’s diagnosis code
  7. Patient’s gender
  8. CPT codes you expect to use for this patient

Q. How often do you bill insurance carriers?
A. We submit claims daily.

Q. Does BPS process secondary claims?
A. Yes, BPS processes secondary insurance claims.

Q. Can you bill for psychological or neuropsychological testing?
A. Yes.

Q. What is your pricing model and pricing structure?
A. BPS’ pricing model is based off a success fee where claim dollars captured by the BPS process are sent directly to the provider by the insurance carrier. We charge a processing fee for each initial claim submitted and a success fee upon receipt of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Our overall blended fee is very competitive with this industry. Our rate structure considers the size of your practice, number of claims, dollar volume of claims and other factors. Please contact us at 860-659-5805 x 401 for additional pricing information.

Q. What types of reports will I receive with your service?
A. BPS has a full-suite of reports to provide you with the detailed information about your business. These standard reports are widely accepted and provide everything needed to run and manage a successful practice. Examples of reports include: (Aging Report, Authorizations Tracking Report, Billing Analysis Report, Guarantor Payment Report, Insurance Payment Report, and Patient Visit Report). In addition, BPS has the ability to create custom reports.

Q. How do I know when a visit has been paid?
A. You simply access the reports feature and run the appropriate report. This can be done via the BPS portal on-line with 24/7 access. Carriers that provide electronic EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) will be captured within our EOB report so you can examine payments in one easy report.

Q. Do you keep track of authorizations?
A. Yes, authorizations are tracked and available 24/7 via the reporting features of the portal. This invaluable report can be the difference between getting paid or not-getting paid.

Q. Are you HIPAA compliant?
A. Absolutely. HIPAA compliance is a top priority. The BPS systems and processes are designed around being compliant and providing a secure environment for you and your patients information.

Q. Describe your organization’s experience with managing multiple location facilities.
A. BPS has been managing multiple location practices for many years. Our web based portal can provide multiple practice locations with individual login security.

Q. Describe your organization’s experience servicing practices with multiple providers.
A. The makeup of our client base includes practices with multiple providers. We have anywhere from 1or 2 person groups up to groups of 35 providers. Our web based platform is scalable for practices of various sizes. This provides an accurate and consistent result.

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