You have made the wise decision that it is time to outsource your revenue cycle management. This is an option that more and more health care companies are choosing due to the complexities of medical billing. Whether your health care practice provides general medical care, anesthesia, physical therapy, cardiology, behavioral health services or any other type of healthcare service, billing can be a challenging issue. Fortunately, no matter what your healthcare specialty is, outsourcing medical billing to the right medical billing company can help tremendously.

Why Should You Hire a Medical Billing Service?

If you have ever participated in the medical billing process, you know what a hassle it can be. There are countless billing codes, different forms and different rules to follow for each insurance company. Insurance companies may cover different procedures in different ways, or they may not cover them at all. Keeping all your medical billing reports and claims straight is a job in and of itself.

When you place the responsibility of your revenue cycle management on your current employees or yourself, you put added stress on your team and increase the likelihood of errors. Errors in medical billing can be easy to make and be very costly. Even small errors can result in rejected claims, partial payments, delayed payments or even fines. Patients who think their services should be covered and find they are not may panic. Your practice may also struggle because of a lack of cash flow, and your team may get frustrated with having to deal with insurance companies.

Person using calculator and laptop to perform medical billing.

The right medical billing service can take all that away. BPS has superior billing software and a team of medical billing experts that allow you to verify patient benefits and submit claims quickly, correctly and easily. We make sure the forms are filled out as they should be and go to the right place, and we can follow up to see why approved claims are not getting paid out. The result can be fewer rejections and partial payments, faster receipt of funds and fewer headaches for your employees.

Fitting Medical Billing in With Your Existing Billing System

You no doubt have an existing billing process in place and may wonder how to integrate a medical billing service with your system. Integrating BPS billing with your existing billing is quite easy. Once you have downloaded our software, you can manage everything through our HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant web portal. Your staff should have little trouble inputting all the relevant data related to your current patients.

The system is very user-friendly and self-explanatory. Once the data is in the system, you have effectively transferred your billing process. Just submit claims directly into the system and check on them anytime, 24/7 by logging into the portal. BPS does the rest.

You may be concerned that your team will be wary of the introduction of medical billing software. They may be concerned that by outsourcing your medical billing, you are putting their jobs at risk. However, our goal with our service is not to replace your existing team. Rather, it is to give them the tools to be much better at their jobs.

You will still need your team to input the information and follow up when necessary, but using our software will give your team much more time to focus on issues like scheduling appointments or answering patient questions. If your team appears overworked or over-stressed, outsourcing your medical billing may be just what you need. In most cases, your team will probably thank you for taking so many of the hassles of the billing process out of their hands.

How Your New BPS Medical Billing Process Will Work

Once you decide to work with us and download our software, you can transfer your current system to the new billing process through a simple three-step program. First, enter the necessary information about the patient, their insurance and their visit via our web portal. BPS submits the claims and handles any denials. You can manage updates or corrections online instantly anytime using the system.

Then, use the portal to review a claim’s status online. You can log on whenever you need to, 24/7, to review explanations of benefits, review patient invoices and review and manage your revenue cycle.

Finally, sit back and enjoy the benefits of our service, a maximizing of claims payment success and reduction in administrative time.

Let BPS Medical Billing Enhance Your Existing Medical Billing Processes With Confidence

Naturally, you don’t want to turn your company’s billing over to anybody unless you are confident they know what they are doing. We are experts in medical billing, and we can prove it to you. We offer a free demonstration of our services. Our free demo will help you enjoy a greater understanding of how easy it is for you to see better billing results with BPS and can put your employees’ minds at ease with the knowledge that our service can dramatically streamline your billing process.

BPS has been a full-service option for healthcare providers for over 20 years. We can help you whether you are a single-person practice or a large group practice. We submit claims daily, and we don’t get paid until your carriers pay you. When you set up an account with us, we will also assign you an individual account manager to help you with any additional questions you may have. Providing you with ease of billing and peace of mind so you can focus on delivering the best health care possible to your clients is our goal.

There’s no obligation, so don’t worry and don’t wait. Every week you go without using our services is another batch of rejected claims that might have been approved, of partial payments that might have been full payments and of frustrating calls with insurance companies that we could have made for you. To get started, just contact us online to schedule your free demo or call us now at 833-277-2455 ext 700.

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