A medical practice tends to have a lot of moving parts. You likely have many different types of patients requiring a variety of treatments. These patients and their treatments all have insurance policies and codes associated with them as well. It can be a lot to sort out, which is why many medical practices today make use of health care billing software.

However, typical stand-alone billing software for medical practices often isn’t enough, especially if you offer psychological therapy or other behavioral health services as part of your medical practice. An alternative to seeking out specialty medical practice billing software on your own is to partner with BPS Billing, LLC for your health billing needs. We provide software and service designed to help you streamline all types of health billing processes, so you can cut through all the insurance company runaround and get directly to the successful processing of patient claims.

When you are stressing out about dealing with insurance claims and whether or not you are going to get paid, you cannot do your job effectively — which is why we take over all the complicated and frustrating parts for you. Your staff wastes less time dealing with claims processing and claim denials. You also get paid promptly, and your practice can focus on what it is there to do: help patients.

How BPS Billing Can Streamline Your Health Billing for Your Medical Practice

If you have struggled with billing practices before, you may be amazed at how easy BPS Billing can make things on your staff. All you need to do is install the therapy billing software we provide. This allows your staff to simply input all necessary patient and insurance data, no special training needed. Once we have the information about the patient, the visit and the insurance, we go to work, verifying the insurance and processing the claim. We can answer all of your questions about outsourcing your medical practice billing.

This allows you to receive information and reimbursement on claims much faster than you normally would, with many fewer in-house resources devoted to the process. What’s more, if a claim is denied, we will deal with the insurance company and try to correct the problem for you. No more fighting with insurance companies or taking partial payments just to get the process over with.

Our health care billing software also allows you to review analysis of the revenue cycle, invoice information, explanations of benefits and other information that can help you in your practice with respect to billing.

Boost Your Efficiency With Better Billing Software for Medical Practices

If you receive health insurance claims to process in your medical practice, BPS Billing can help you do it faster, easier and with less hassle. We can show you how with no obligation to you. Just contact us online now or call us at 833-277-2455 ext 700, and we can schedule a free demonstration of the software, so you can see us in action before you buy.

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Customer Feedback

“I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that the portal is a big help to me. I like being able to check payments as they come in instead of waiting for the statement from BPS. I was a little apprehensive at first, since I’m not “techie” but it was easier than I thought.”

Written by: Cindy P, Cromwell, CT

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