Mental health billing for non-profits presents specific challenges to an already complicated process. More than other treatment facilities, these organizations have a need for knowledgeable, dedicated support. The right partners will reduce administrative expenses, time spent processing payments and denied and rejected claims. Unfortunately, programs without the ability to tailor their services to the non-profit model may create more time and money waste in other areas.

Non-Profit Therapist Billing Support

Many organizations try to handle billing and other accounting tasks from within. They may have a team of medical health billing specialists who do nothing but code claims and clean them up for submittal. Problems result from many areas, however, including:

  • Outdated coding requirements
  • Incorrectly reported information
  • Treatments documented multiple times
  • Changing insurance processing schedules and addresses
  • Plain old-fashioned human error

These types of problems lead to rejected claims which can’t be processed further without correction, and denied claims which companies refuse to honor. While rejected claims can be appealed, they don’t always go in your favor. Then who winds up footing the bill?

Complications in billing have become so prevalent that many practices no longer take insurance. Other practitioners only work with select providers they can count on to process bills in a convenient fashion. Both policies limit the patients who can be serviced by your non-profit.

It’s up to you to build a billing support system capable of handling the precise demands of insurance companies and staying on top of bills, so neither you nor your patients go without.

Third-Party Behavioral Health Billing For Non-Profits

An alternative choice is hiring a business service for your mental health billing. Going with a third-party provider has several benefits, including:

  • Reducing your rate of error
  • Streamlining the billing process
  • Receiving payments faster
  • Increasing admin productivity
  • Lowering stressors around the office

Third parties often invest in the training and resources you can’t afford to provide your admin workers. You can take advantage of their knowledge and services at an affordable price. You do have to be careful when finding the right company to work with, though. Not every medical biller is prepared for the demands of a non-profit organization. Selecting the wrong business means more paperwork and more chances to introduce human error.

BPS Billing has an extensive billing software program that takes your needs into consideration. You can count on us to deliver:

  • Access to multiple users with their own usernames and passwords
  • Each account tailored to roles with special permissions
  • Users broken down by multiple locations
  • Sliding scale billing for need-based care solutions
  • Ability to quickly change patient details, and more

Mental health billing specialists have the knowledge and resources you need to get paid on time, every time. Your patients won’t be surprised by denied insurance claims or double charges. Professional medical billers will also prevent any privacy or security breaches, keeping you in compliance with HIPPA regulations. For these reasons and more, it’s time to get BPS Billing on the phone. Schedule a demonstration now or ask about specialized pricing for customized billing services.

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Customer Feedback

“An easy to use work-flow system that helps maximize our revenue and provides accountability while reducing administrative overhead. The system provides reports usable for both the program management and finance offices.”

Written by: Monica Tujak, Senior Director – Finance for Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, Bridgeport, CT

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