Whether you are an individual practitioner or a member of a group practice, as a physician, you will often be called upon to provide a mixture of health treatments for your patients. This means in addition to your standard general practitioner health billing process, you need a process as a physician for different types of medical health billing.

In today’s murky insurance environment, most doctors turn to some kind of electronic physician billing software for help, and if you are a psychiatrist or offer any mental health counseling or treatment in your practice, that physician health billing software needs to have provisions for a variety of health billing — if they do not, the specifics of which can be confusing and difficult to manage.

This is why we recommend BPS Billing, LLC as your physician practice billing company for all of your medical billing. Our job is to deal with all the stresses and challenges of organizing your claims, dealing with the insurance companies and making sure you are getting paid properly — so you and your staff don’t have to do it and can focus on patient care. Save yourself and your staff countless hours of time, not to mention the attendant stress, by putting your health billing in our hands.

The BPS Billing Method for Physician Health Billing

We make it easy for you to turn your complicated billing over to us by supplying you with our software that allows you to connect with us and provide the information we need about your patients and their insurance claims. Once the system is set up, all you or your staff have to do is input the basic information about your patients, their insurance and their visit, as prompted. Let us answer all of your questions about outsourcing your physician health billing.

Once the information is in the system, we’ll do the rest. Don’t worry if there are any mistakes or new developments — you can always update the details later and we will take care of the rest. We’ll take the patient’s information, verify their insurance and process the claim. If there is a denial of the claim, we will handle it. We have experience dealing with these companies and work out the issues, so you don’t have to spend valuable time and build-up stress fighting for payments.

With our physician health billing software in place, you can check in anytime to see the progress of claims, explanations of benefits, analysis of the revenue cycle and other data you need to understand your claims processing and your cash flow.

Learn How to Enjoy More Efficient Mental Health Billing for Your Physician’s Practice Now

We’re ready to help you see full payments on claims where you used to accept partial payments or no payments at all — and give relief to you and your staff from the constant struggle of trying to organize and process all health claims. Let’s get started right now. Contact us online today or call us at 833-277-2455 ext 700 to schedule a free demonstration of our software.

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Customer Feedback

“I have been using BPS Billing LLC to manage my practice’s Insurance Claims Processing since 2003. In that time they have provided a professional level of service and have always gone out of their way to answer questions, intercede with insurance companies, and give me quick, efficient and friendly service. Throughout the years their knowledge and expertise in the areas of Insurance Processing have helped me adapt to the complex changes that affect my business. It has been extremely valuable to have a group like them in navigating changing business requirements”

Written by: Dr. Deena J Robbins, Middletown, CT

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