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Complicated billing codes, confusing insurance rules, frustrating claim rejections, and partial reimbursements — it’s all part of the job. But you became a psychologist to help people achieve improved well-being, not to use your time navigating confusing billing, claims and reimbursement processes. Whether you work as a solo practitioner or are part of a large group or nonprofit, the psychologist BPS Billing, LLC can help your business operate at peak organizational efficiency.

For 25 years, BPS has provided expert billing support for psychotherapists and others in the mental and behavioral health field. Our mental health billing software and services can help you get back to focusing on patients during working hours and relaxing during downtime. When you choose BPS’s psychologist billing software, you’ll reduce stress, save valuable time and grow your bottom line.

Billing Software That’s Designed for Psychotherapists

If your practice is using billing software not designed for psychology, you’re probably struggling to add updated medical billing codes, remember insurance rules and track unreimbursed claims. Our software for psychotherapists takes basic patient visit information and turns it into correct claims that will be reimbursed faster. You’ll find our billing software solution will reduce the number of rejected claims, turn many denied claims into paid visits, and follow up on reimbursements so your practice earns the money it deserves. Our billing professionals will even pursue partial reimbursements that many practices give up on because they don’t have time to fight for full payment.

The proprietary BPS 3-step process begins when you log in to our online portal and enter patient name, insurance and visit information. BPS will then verify insurance, submit a properly coded claim, rework any denials for resubmission, and pursue unpaid and partially reimbursed claims. BPS can drastically reduce the number of rejected claims your practice receives. You’ll also find your business benefits because we have the time to pursue partial and unpaid reimbursements, providing an added boost to your bottom line.

A Scalable Mental Health Billing Software Solution for Practices of All Sizes

BPS can help your psychotherapy practice better manage its billing and reimbursement functions no matter what size. We grow as you do, which means there is no need to hire costly additional full-time employees just to handle your administrative tasks. If you already work in a large practice, BPS will let your busy staff members focus on other essential tasks, such as managing patient flow and keeping accurate records. With BPS, your practice will get the support it needs when you need it — with no wasted resources.

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Your patients need your time and expertise. Shouldn’t you partner with the mental health billing software business with 25 years of industry expertise to improve your bottom line?
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