Avoid wasted time and needless stress by filing your insurance claims the right way, right away. Investing in expert help will pay you back several times over in quickly paid claims and a higher percentage of approvals. You can enjoy the benefits of working with a specialist while avoiding the high costs of hiring a new employee by outsourcing your mental health billing.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

The healthcare industry is plagued by regulations, from how you can share patient information to how you can collect on old bills. You need to know the ins and outs of healthcare law before you attempt to file insurance claims on your own. Something that appears innocent enough – such as offering patients the convenience of online billing – can quickly turn into a nightmare if you make too much information available. HIPPA provides strict guidelines that sometimes conflict with EHR systems.

Mental health billing specialists have the experience, the knowledge and the tools needed to handle these issues as efficiently as possible. They stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards, attending the conferences you don’t have the time or money to attend. They have access to the most helpful programs used in mental and behavioral healthcare billing and insurance filing that otherwise would be too expensive for your budget. By hiring out, you get the advantage of top of the line billing resources available for a fraction of the cost.

Specialized Solutions

Mental health services aren’t billed like other specialists. Insurance companies place time limits on therapy sessions and often require pre-approval for patients who require more than basic treatment. On your own, you may settle for eating certain costs to avoid a claim rejection. Specialists will often know how to get all of your patients’ services covered. For instance, insurance policies will often cover a maximum of one therapy session per day. However, if you have a counselor and a psychiatrist on-site, for instance, you may be able to bill for two visits.

Increased Efficiency and Satisfaction

Mental health providers wear many hats in small offices. Some of them are more stressful and time consuming than others. Insurance billing is one of the most complicated and frustrating responsibilities. It’s not just juggling the requirements of individual companies, plans and federal regulations — or keeping track of their changes. You know the risk of a rejected claim might prevent a patient from coming back in time to continue their progress.

Find a mental health billing specialist to handle insurance issues and free up your time and energy for helping patients. Outsource to a professional whose strength is mental health billing, while you maximize your own time spent at work. Contact BPS today for a free quote.