Behavioral Health Revenue Cycle Management

The most successful clinicians enjoy outstanding patient relationships while also running an efficient and effective back office. Comprehensive therapy practice management requires prompt insurance verification, correctly completing and submitting forms, aggressive claim denial analysis and resubmission, and detail-oriented follow-up that assures all approved claims have been paid. This process, known in the billing industry as mental health revenue cycle management, is the specialty of BPS Billing, LLC.

BPS has provided expert psychiatric practice management and psychology practice management services for 25 years. We employ the latest behavioral health RCM software to maximize your revenue cycle management process, which leads to fewer rejections, faster payments and better follow-up on unpaid claims for your business.

Whether you run your own practice, you’re part of a group, or you manage a nonprofit clinic, BPS has the behavioral health billing office management expertise you need to put your focus back on your patients.

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What to Know About Mental Health Billing Office Management

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process that manages claims processing, payment and revenue generation. BPS’ therapist revenue cycle management platform provides behavioral health clinicians an easy to use workflow that keeps track of each visit, submits properly coded and completed claims, tracks payments, and works denied claims for resubmission.

When you choose BPS, you’ll get access to our behavioral health revenue cycle management program, which is a critical function that will help your practice maximize revenue and improve cash flow. Our mental health RCM software includes extensive features that are unique to the behavioral health industry. With BPS, you’ll never have to rework a billing system to fit your practice’s essential coding and billing requirements. Our revenue cycle software saves you time, money and aggravation.

BPS’ 100% error checking step-by-step workflow process helps clients identify what items need to be completed before a claim can be successfully filed. Our practice management software also recognizes that psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists need a feature that stores incomplete visit information that can be completed at a later date for claims processing. Our user-friendly interface provides an easy-to-follow process that identifies which items are missing, the number of claims withheld and the revenue impact. This process can help your practice maximize revenue, and drastically reduce rejections, in a simple to follow format.

BPS practice software also has a sliding scale pay feature for clinicians who provide discounted services for patients who may be uninsured or under-insured. The BPS system can also process insurance claims for interns working with a supervising clinician, where applicable, which can lead to a significant increase in revenue. Additionally, BPS billing specialists diligently follow-up with insurance companies on all outstanding claims to maximize revenue.

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Learn How BPS Can Better Manage Your Revenue Cycle

You chose a profession in therapy because you wanted to help people enjoy a better quality of life, not because you wanted to learn the finer points of coding, insurance and therapy cost accounting. With 25 years of industry experience and the best practice management software in the business, BPS is well-positioned to help your practice operate smoothly, correctly and efficiently.

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