Few people realize the struggles those responsible for urology billing management go through. Urology billing issues can be responsible for as much as 20 percent of lost medical reimbursements. A big part of the problem is that urology billing codes are exceedingly complex. It is very easy to make mistakes when filling out urology billing claims, which is why urology practices find themselves receiving rejected claims or partial payments all the time.

If you are a urologist, your specialty is dealing with patients, not with all the nuances of urology billing codes, Medicaid and various insurance companies. You can’t do it all yourself and give your patients the level of care they deserve.

At the same time, you don’t want your staff to be constantly occupied by refiling claims or dealing with insurance companies. Billing is a drain on your resources, and even with the proper training — which can also be costly and time-consuming — your staff can still make errors.

Choose BPS for Urology Billing Management

Outsourcing your urology billing to medical billing professionals like BPS is a logical solution. Our urology billing software makes the whole process easy. Your staff will no longer be beleaguered by constantly dealing with insurance and billing issues. Just install the software, and billing becomes a breeze. Input patient information and claims through our interface that’s HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant. Then let us do the rest.

Use our interface to verify patient benefits, submit claims and see the status of your billings. Our experts will make sure the forms are filled out correctly and that the different insurance companies have whatever information they need. If they are slow in paying out your claim, we’ll find out why. The result is fewer rejected claims and partial payments and less stress for your team.

Urology billing is one of our specialties at BPS. We know the challenges that are common to billing in this field and the ways to meet those challenges. When you have BPS on your team, you can focus on taking care of your patients’ needs with the confidence that their payments will be processed, and you will get paid without delays. Your staff can be freed up to take care of other issues that need attention, and your practice will have the opportunity that it deserves to thrive.

Contact BPS for Fast, Effective Urology Billing Management

Every day you go without an effective urology billing solution for your healthcare practice is a day that you could be losing or delaying payment for the vital services you provide. We want you to start eliminating financial losses and business stress as soon as possible by taking advantage of our billing expertise. The first step is to see how it all works. For a free BPS billing demo, just contact us online. You can also give us a call at 833-277-2455 ext 700 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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“An easy to use work-flow system that helps maximize our revenue and provides accountability while reducing administrative overhead. The system provides reports usable for both the program management and finance offices.”

Written by: Monica Tujak, Senior Director – Finance for Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, Bridgeport, CT

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