Medical Billing For Vein and Vascular

Whether you currently specialize in vein and vascular practice or are considering getting started, you’ll have to deal with vein and vascular billing management. It can add a whole new component to the insurance claim billing process, with different codes, different treatments and different insurance companies.

As a doctor with a vein and vascular specialty, you have probably seen more than your share of rejected insurance claims. These rejections are often caused by errors on claim forms. This is not surprising — even if you have a staff that dedicates a fair amount of time to vein billing management, there are countless opportunities for mistakes with all the different codes, forms and insurance companies that your team has to work with every day.

Unfortunately, even a single error can lead to rejected claims, partial payments and weeks of delays. That’s why outsourcing vascular billing with BPS makes much more sense.

BPS Can Handle Your Vascular Billing the Right Way

If you consider outsourcing vein billing to be an extra expense, it isn’t when you do the math. Outsourcing your billing can very quickly pay for itself in the increased number of full payments that you receive in a reasonable time frame. In addition, the time your staff used to spend on billing can now be spent on other aspects of growing your practice, which can further boost your bottom line.

It’s easy to get started with BPS. Just download our vascular billing software and start inputting patient data. Our web portal is easy to understand and use, and it is HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant. Use BPS vein billing software to verify patient benefits, submit clean, correct claim forms to the proper location on the first attempt and follow the status of claims.

We think you will find that the operations of your practice run much more smoothly once your BPS medical billing software is in place. You won’t waste nearly as much time trying to figure out why claims are being rejected or talking to insurance companies. If a claim is approved and there is a payment delay, we will find out why. You’ll enjoy less stress about billing and better results.

Contact BPS for All Your Vein and Vascular Billing Needs

You deserve to get paid quickly for the vein and vascular services you provide. When the billing process goes smoothly, you are able to focus on better care, which is better for your patients, your staff, you and your overall practice. Let us show you how it all works. Contact us online today, and we will show you how to review a free demo of our service without obligation. If you have any questions, you can also call us at 833-277-2455 ext 700, and a member of our team will walk you through the process. Get in touch and see better claims processing now!

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Customer Feedback

“BPS Billing LLC has greatly helped my counseling practice by reducing the time I spend on billing, which gives me more time to work with my clients. Their new portal is user-friendly, and their staff is always courteous and available to answer any of my questions. It only takes a few minutes to enter a new client and even less time to enter a visit. All of my clients are listed online with all of their contact information, their diagnosis, session dates, and their EOBS. Their portal is HIPPA compliant, which protects my clients and their confidentiality. I highly recommend BPS Billing LLC to any counselor in private practice that needs assistance with their billing”

Written by: Gina Pennington, LCPC, Annapolis, MD

5 / 5 stars
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