BPS’ portal is designed with specific functionality for groups and non-profits. These features include:

  • Individual IDs and passwords for each user.
  • Multi-user access based on each user’s role. Access to functions, such as reporting, adding visits, adding new patients, and creating new users can be limited to specific users. An administrator function can be designated for expediting changes.
  • Multiple facilities can be supported with providers assigned to individual and/or multiple locations.
  • A sliding scale pay feature for clinicians who provide discounted services.
  • Insurance claims submission for interns working with a supervising clinician.
  • Reassigning patients to providers, due to staff changes and/or workload rebalancing, is as simple as point and click.
  • Ability to quickly move patients from inactive/active status for returning patients.
  • All reports can be viewed at a facility level or an aggregate practice level.

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