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As a mental health provider, you expect to spend your days caring for patients — not navigating complex code updates, figuring out the finer points of medical practice cost accounting, or fighting with insurers over rejected claims or inadequate reimbursements. Maybe you’ve reached the point where therapist helper software is a necessity, so you can get back to focusing on helping your patients achieve better mental health.

BPS Billing, LLC provides behavioral healthcare services that improve the effectiveness of individual, group and nonprofit practices’ back office functions. With BPS, you’ll get a counselor mental health billing software program that meets your back office needs so you can run your business the way you want to: smoothly and effectively.


Easy Session Input

Enter Patient & Insurance Information On-Line
Enter Visit Information On-Line

BPS – Processes Claims & Manages Denials

Manage Your Updates & Corrections On-Line


Review Live Reports

Review Your Explanation of Benefits On-Line

Review Your Patient Invoices

Review & Manage Your Revenue Cycle


The BPS Advantage

Maximize Claims Payment Success Rate

Administrative Time Reduced



Psychology, Social Work and Psychiatry Medical Billing Software

BPS developed an easy-to-follow behavioral health provider billing software program that uses proprietary step-by-step workflow. Our billing software makes verifying insurance, correctly coding claims, working rejections and following up on unpaid reimbursements faster — and less stressful for you.

When you choose BPS, your practice will get a mental health insurance billing software program that will speed up your revenue cycle and improve cash flow. Our medical billing software designed specifically for psychiatrists and psychologists will also drastically reduce insurance rejections, help you fight denied claims and make following up on unpaid claims much easier.

How BPS Works

Navigating the BPS claims process takes three simple steps:

1. You’ll begin your claims process by entering new patient, insurance, and visit information through our online system. BPS processes the claim, verifies the insurance if necessary, and manages any claim denials on your behalf with the patient’s carrier. BPS also manages Medicare and Medicaid claims. If you have a change or correction, simply enter the relevant information online through our software and we’ll update the claim as required.
2. BPS provides comprehensive reporting tools that let you review essential payment and claims information online. You’ll find explanations of benefits, patient invoices and a full revenue cycle analysis that will help you manage your cash flow.
3. As your business relationship with BPS progresses, you’ll find fewer claims are rejected. You’ll find that reimbursements come in faster. And if you have been accepting partial payments because fighting insurance companies is too frustrating and time-consuming, you may also find that you’re getting bigger payments — all because BPS managed your claims, billing, and reimbursements for you. Best of all, you’ll reduce the amount of time you and your staff members spend on this necessary, but time-consuming, back-office function.

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